Although it may feel to you that your single vote has no effect on the outcome, voting for pro-enviromental policies, or for a politicians who support those policies and who will make positive changes regarding climate change, is really important.

Eat Less Meat

The production and processing of the meat we eat requires many pesticides, fertilizers, fuel, feed and water, which release greenhouse gases, manure, and toxic chemicals into our air and water.

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels do not produce air pollution, water pollution, or greenhouse gases, thus making them far better for the enviroment than normal electrical systems.

Use Fewer Single Use Plastics

Most plastics, even if you recycle them, end up being burnt, buried, or in the ocean. Even if you can not eliminate plastics from your daily routine, cutting down on the number of plastic straws and waterbottles you use can reduce your carbon footprint by a lot.

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